Who said you can’t do heels with public transport?

Heels with Public Transportation

Heels with Public Transportation

I usually get asked how I come to work all these years. The answer is always the same, by the BTS. As an extrovert based person, I love seeing people around. I love the feeling of being active. Love to walk up and down to burn some energy. And one thing, I always wear heels. The trick to wear heels everyday to work is how to select the shoes.


Go go!!! Weekdays with Heels

Go go!!! Weekdays with Heels


-The Material-

I always select the real leather. Leather is flexible and will mold to the shape of your foot. After using for over a certain period, it gets softer.


-The Height-

I usually wear 3-3.5 inches to work, which is not too low or high. The height is still comfortable enough even when you are in a rush and need to run. One thing though is to make sure that the front and the end’s height of the shoe is not too much different. I should definitely not be over than 2.5 inches. I would say around 2 inches apart is in a good range.


-The Style-

The style should bring in stability. I usually select the style with the sling-back or anklet straps. They are easier to walk with and make you step faster.


Good shoes .. good preparation for your busy days.