Figuring What to Buy for the New Year Gifts?


BAIABAIA – The DIY Slippers


I’ve been thinking about what to give to my sisters for the coming New Year. Last weekend I decided to watch Dr. Strange at Quartier CineArt at The Emquartier and spotted a new flip-flop shop called BAIABAIA.
This shop is something new and fun. I ended up spending more time than I thought. It’s actually a DIY flip-flop shop where you can certainly debut your base style.



BAIABAIA Store Front


You can choose flop-flip color, strap color and style, and then customize your own look with accessories. I thought this was ideal to give my sisters for the New Year. And since our new house is almost ready to move in, the new slippers could mean a new beginning or new deluxe steps. Also, I could tailor the style to match them differently.



BAIABAIA – Choose in Steps



BAIABAIA- Slippers and Straps come in various colors


BAIABAIA- More colors to choose from

Step 1- The Base
First I need to choose the base, shoes color.

My older sister is a mother of two boys, one is 3.5 years old and another is almost one year. She has always had this classic and elegant touch of look. Something golden would be suitable for her.
My younger sister is all about that glitters, playful, always cheerful.
This is why I’m choosing beige color for my older sis and blue color for my younger sis.

Step 2- The Strap

Then selecting the strap, I went for the shiny one to make the beige a bit more standout for my older sister.


BAIABAIA with Different Straps

For the blue one, I decided to have the plain matte, so that I can play more with the accessories for the playfulness.

Step 3- The Charm

The accessories for the older sis is something not too glamour or too basic. I opted for this white and gold. One of the things that have always been in my mind is that that she loves wearing gold earrings and some of them have the diamond shape, very similar to these decors.


BAIABAIA for my Older Sis

I chose sparking stars for the blue flip-flop, so it stands out from the matte strap and the overall blue monochromes.


BAIABAIA for My Younger Sis

Here is how they look!!

These two are for them.
If I were to buy for myself, this will be my pick! I would go for this all black, basic with a bit of classic and glam style.



More than the fun- choosing this and that for the right look and the right match- what’s cool about BAIABAIA is the quick and easy process of making the flip-flop.

All these sheets are actually the shoes platform. So if you cannot find your shoes size, they can put them in the machine and made it custom to your size right away. How cool.


Cutting Machine

Now, the gifts are ready!
And I am happy!


BAIABAIA – Ready to Wrap



BAIABAIA- Hope she likes 🙂


Oh! One thing not to forget to mention, BAIABAIA also has nail express service at 350 THB for those who want to have a total styling for your feet.

They got all of the nail polish colors that match with the flip-flop’s. You can go further with the accessories on your feet like the cool anklets, the toe rings, and the leather bracelets- you can customize.


That was super fun!!!! ;0) Good little moment spent on the weekend on sorting out gifts.

For those who wanted to see more, try @tribebaiabaia on the IG