The Rose Petals Souvenir

I have to admit that a lot of time I overlook wedding souvenirs but since now i’m paying more attention to things around me,

just trying to train myself on a daily basis on how I can effortlessly elevate lifestyle. The more attention I give, the more fun and ideas there are.

The recent wedding I went was on 22.07.17 (last week). Mo and Nut’s souvenirs was a jar of fragrant dried rose petals, a sweet romantic gift.

I’ve received one and so does my husband and my father. Both placed them on the dining table at home and … didn’t do anything about it.

Lucky for me, I get to take them all.



Wedding Souvenir

The Wedding Souvenir- Fragrant Dried Rose Petals



Then I looked around to see how or where I should place these rosy aroma petals.

Suddenly, it just popped up in my head that I have this mosaic plate I bought from Bali. Now it’s time to use it.

Instead of just having it displayed, I’m using the plate to hold these dried roses.



Display Shelf

The Display Shelf in my Bedroom


This is a display shelf. I have two Chinese looking ceramics, these two are very easy to find in Thailand.

I used to keep little stuffs like headbands and hair clips.

My grandma also has them, She uses them for food -congee to be specific.

The three roman helmets are certainly not mine. They are my husband’s mini collection. I am not to touch.

Got got them on our honeymoon trip in Italy. (He loves ancient -wars movie and great warriors)

And there! the mosaic plate.

It’s blue. It’ll be contrast well with the deep pinkish red petals.



Mosaic Plate from Bali

Mosaic Plate from Bali


Put the rose petals on the plate

Put the rose petals on the plate


Just open the jars and pour the petals.

This smells soooo nice.


Empty rose petals in all jars

Empty rose petals in all jars


I actually use all three jars.



Then just find a place to spread this nice rosy aromatic smell.

I place it in the bathroom.




Place in the toilette

Place in the toilette