JOOX Booth

JOOX Booth with the DJ

I wasn’t gonna come to the market today (Saturday) since I thought the market is closed.

But no! This is not a ‘Thanks god it’s Friday market’, it’s ‘Thanks God it’s Fest market’. And I really thank for having this in Bangkok city even for just a couple of weeks. It’s making the city more relaxed. People look joyful.

Here are some of the stuffs I’m having;

Mahapralai Grilled Pork

Mahapralai Grilled Pork

I had with topped with cheese. Nice and soft with full porky flavor. I love it.


Another menu was the pulled pork. I guess is one of my pork days 😉

Pulled pork

Grizzly Smokehouse

Pulled pork mash potato by Grizzly Smokehouse
It tastes ok though. The bbq flavor does go into the pork. But it’s just not just yet that impactful. Worth 150thb.


Then some drinks like this one Aloe vera drink from Drink Young. I’m a bif fan of all flavored drinks as long as they are not sweet. And this on is fine.

Aloe Vera Drink by Drink Young

Aloe Vera Drink by Drink Young

And this is super fine. The earl grey lemon tea by ELT. Gotta say it’s the best I’ve ever had. Never had lemon tea smelled this nice before.

Earl Grey Lemon Tea

Earl Grey Lemon Tea by ELT


tum-ka-tiew tomyum noodle

tum-ka-tiew tomyum noodle

Ummmm… this one. I am very sorry to have to say that….

You know this noodle looks very nice. It’s got eggs, crispy wonton, tuna, cheese with tomyum all sort of brilliant ingredients. But somehow all of these aren’t for each other. I cannot focus the taste. So… just kind of a little bit disappointed on this one. I felt unsure which taste is supposed to be. For this dish, less is more.


This squid looks interesting though but i didn’t have it. Was already packed….



Next week, 15-17 July, is the last week they’ll open. Those who have not visited. I do recommend to just come and enjoy the atmosphere and food.  street style. nothing much to expect but good chill moment.

Last but not least, there is actually another shopping session. I didn’t expect to buy anything but … got something just before a left. 🙂 PIN.22 shirt


here’s where it is. Thonglor – right at the corner of Sukhumvit 38

More Information: TGIF Market