Green Tea Cube Bath Soak


Green Tea Baht Soak from Sephora

Green Tea Fizzing Cube Bath Soak from Sephora


Before going on a short one night trip to Four Seasons Hotel in Chiang Mai, I decided to visit Sephora, just to browse around if there is something fun to try and here is my pick this time!! Green Tea Fizzing Cube for Bath.  There were different smells like, coconut, vanilla, marine, + many flowery smells.  I decided to go with the Green Tea one. For me, this is not green tea smell at all. This relaxing smell  brings relaxation  in a way that gives you ‘freshness and energy’. It pulls your thought and everything all together. Living Bright Again. I would surely go for this again! 🙂

Prepare for the bath

Prepare for the bath


Bath Tub

Preparing Bath Tub for a nice aromatic bath


Soak Defuses

Cube Defuses


Bath Soak Defuses

Cube Defuses – Milky Bath