cholesterol killer mocktail

Cholesterol killer mocktail

I have recently got this recipe from my aunt- this herbal drink recipe helps reducing bad cholesterol, so I’d like to call it as the Cholesterol Killer Mocktail.

My aunt mentioned that her friend had done a blood test to prove whether this drink can really lower cholesterol. After consuming regularly for three months straight, the test showed the lower level of fat and LDL.

And there is no doubt, after I have read some articles about the benefit of Chinese date and Jew’s Ear Mushroom; it is understandable how these combinations can kill bad cholesterol. While Chinese date – has been used around for more than 400 years – is good for lower lower blood pressure. The black mushroom on the other hand helps improving the blood circulation, blood clotting, and the condition of strokes or blood vessels disease. Altogether they support this blood vessel system, clearing out fat and giving blood’s stream a healthier condition.

How does it taste like? There is a sweet after taste from the dates with strong ginger and mushroom smell. It is actually a straightforward mixed of smell for these three things; ginger, black mushroom, Chinese date. Some people who love sweet drink may find this a little bit difficult to swallow. I am actually not a fan of any sweet drinks or even soda. So for me, the taste is fine. And I pretty much enjoy this new sensation of spice and subtle sweetness. Try it!

Ingredients of Cholesterol Killer Mocktail

Jew;s Ear Mushroom and Chinese Dates- Ingredients

choresterol killer mocktail ingredient- ginger

Gingers- Ingredients


  • 20 pieces of dried jujube [red Chinese dates]
  • 8 pieces of ginger
  • One handful of dried Jew’s ear mushroom
  • One liter of water


This is pretty simple and easy, so you basically just put everything in and heat for 45 mins. The water will be heated, leaving out only 40-50% to serve. And you just drink it before your breskfast. Or have it when your stomach is still empty.

Ok…so here, since this is like a medical herbal drink rather than lifestyle one.

So I was thinking if we could find a way to present this creatively, we can enjoy the drink more as well as getting its benefit. So my choice is to serving it with whisky glass with a slice of ginger.

cholesterol killer mocktail

cholesterol killer mocktail to serve 3-4 times/week regularly

If you have cholesteral problem, you loose nothing to try! And in addition to take, you can present the drink in a way that looks inviting to take a sip.

choresterol killer mocktail

That’s All You Need