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Hedonism [heed-n-iz-uh m] – devotion to pleasure as a way of life (Dictionary.com)

Hedonist [heed-n-ist]- a person whose life is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure and self- gratification (Dictionary.com)

In addition to the pleasure seeking aspect, Hedonistry is about sharing perspective and illustration on contemporary, creative, and experimental lifestyle.

We now live in the cities of urbanization. There are many inspiring stories and creations surrounding us.

The aim of the blog is to inspire and to give out lifestyle tips on the four key areas; Food, Fashion, Fun, Fabulous [things].



Hedonistry Logo

About the Founder

 about hedonistry

Inspiring to Live Fun Avant-Garde Life

Praopilas lives in both Bangkok, and Chiang-Mai, Thailand.
She is a hedonist, wanderer, and creative generalist. Her friends refer to her as the Mrs. Varieties. A typical ESFP and an Enneagram Type 7,3,4

From her background of Contemporary Arts and Design Studies, She has been fallen in love with the world of ideas, exploration, and anything off the wall. In the real world, she works in a field of digital media industry where she wanted to create Hedonistry as a way to document her adventure and share knowledge, trials and inspire readers through fun mind.

Have Fun..Cheers! Hedonistas….







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